Compatibility Test

The function of the Compatibilty Test is to determine whether or not you have the proper software installed and the proper options checked in order to access Moodle without problem. Follow the instructions below for any setting that you do not pass.

If the gold bar appears in your browser, click on it and select "Allow Blocked Content.." to run the tests. Northwestern State University does not run or use malicious code. We do not collect personal information or distribute such information. The sole purpose of this test is to confirm whether or not your web browser is ready to use Moodle.


Detection routines from Browserspy.

Computer Systems: Settings:
Operating System?
Cookies Enabled?
Active X Enabled?
Java Installed?
Quicktime Player Installed?
Flash Plugin Installed?
Shockwave Plugin Installed?
Silverlight Installed?
Windows Media Player Installed?

Be sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (not all classes require).

Not all components are required for all classes.